Who is the best 2 way player?

In my opinion it’s Klay Thompson , guards the most skilled wing every night , chasing them around hard screens , and pin downs for majority of the game which he barely checks out.

Then on the other side of the ball He’s amazing off ball running around screens , probably the best in the league at running the Hesi back door cut . And has probably been the best at that for 2-3 years now

I know people love PG
Real life


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all time?
michael jordan

right now?
kawhi leonard


Are you referring to real life NBA or in 2K? May wanna change the topic, depending on which one.

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Its Kawhi. I love Klay too but he can’t create his own shot like Kawhi does. Also Kawhi is a much tougher defender than Klay.

I’d say its:


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He stats irl in the post lol. I say Kawhi or PG tho

Giannis is the best two way player.

Paul George is second best.


Come brotha. Its kawhi :stuck_out_tongue:


Kawhi is like 30% worse on defense than he was in 2017.
Until he proves that he can get back there (since he hasn’t after the injury), I’m saying Giannis.
PG13 no2.
Embiid 3rd.

??? Show me some stats to back this up

He edited that in after my original post.

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Klay, Jimmy Butler, Giannis, Anthony Davis, Kawhi, Paul George, KD… I could see logic in arguments for any of these dudes.

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I think 3andD gets mixed with 2 way player a lot and people don’t think bigs can be 2 way but when locked in and obviously not this season because of what’s happening in NO but AD is among the best defenders and scorers in the league


Nice answer

Gotta agree here, I would put Kawhi over all because he’s been in the finals and is leading a toronto team.

I’ll put it this way, I know I would want the ball in his hands, and he’s guarding their best option. that’s easy for me, I’d take Kawhi Leonard

If you can’t notice the difference between his defense in 2017 and now, then you’re blind.

Can Jimmy Buckets get some love. The only two players with more Steals than personal fouls. Jimmy Butler and Kawaii Leonard. Giannis is the best right now GTFO guys. All subject to opinion of course.

I gotta take that back. I believe Klay is the best two way player. I can’t name a player that can shut down Klay. And vice versa. Dont rly see Klay struggle on defense. Esp guarding MVP Harden,CP3 etc. 3 rings. Klay deserves 1st team defense no idea why that hasn’t happened. Just my argument for Klay Thompson. He does benefit from Draymond green tho…