Who is Sports TNB?

Just matched up with this kid and he is spamming me with invites to a party, saying he’s done with myteam and wants to give me all of his mt. he’s telling me to look up his YT, and i see tons of videos of showing how he scams a ton of people. what is this kids deal

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He’s a scammer just ignore

Pretty sure that’s a well known scammer lol


don’t accept the party invite

yeah i’m not joining him. he did not stop spamming invites to start off the game. used all his timeouts and almost all his pauses to start the game to keep inviting me

up by 15 to end the first :rofl:

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Just block they probably are booting people offline stealing IPs or something

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Ignore him he is a top scammer lol just restrict or block

Man I swear to god I just matched up with this dude twice about an hour ago…man I joined the party by mistake…he had rewards ad and wade…he was saying the same thing That he’s quitting my team and wanted to give me coins…man I just ignored kept playing …then I just lag out …out of nowhere…I reset my internet…I match up with him again, Very next game same results I count down…now my internet is acting up like crazy smh keeps cutting in and out smh…

Yeah he’s booting you off


Shake and BOOTING

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So do I have to call my internet provider or something…wtf I didn’t this type of stuff was possible

Might need to reset your IP calling them could do it there’s a few ways to do it manually too with vpns

O ok appreciate it bro…I’ll give it a search!

yup, same exact thing :joy: that’s actually pathetic that people do this smh. and to do it consistently is a completely different thing which is why i have absolutely no respect for people like this. i blocked him on the His account that he played me with then i sent him a nice little message on Sports TNB after i beat him


Sports TNB scams people for accounts and stuff. Don’t trust them

Don’t EVER join somebody’s party while in game, especially if they’re coming off suspect to begin with. Sounds like he pulled your IP and is DDOS’ing your router.

Basically he’s just sending empty packets of useless data to your router and flooding it, making it freeze up and need to be rebooted. I advise you to reset your modem and hope you’re assigned a different IP address each time.


Yea that’s exactly what’s going on smh thanks again man…I’m in the process of changing my IP address right now

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I always invite people I play just to talk to them but now I know why no one joins😂


Just a heads up man we need to get this dude banned. It’s 8:30 my time now… this dude fried me bad… so I lost all connection to every device in the house smh. I cut the cable cord so I literally missed all of the games. Back to the subject the the customer service rep said everything looked perfect on her side and there was nothing she could do. So she gave me the run around saying a tech can’t come until wed earliest because of the hurricane coming tomorrow. (In my head I’m like fuck no) So I complained (professionally) and finally got her to get a tech to show up to my home at 3:30… this man went through 3 modems had to re wire shit outside. Finally we get it after about 30 calls he had to make.I felt bad because dude was suppose to get off at 4:30 and wind Up leaving my house at around 8:10. I shot him a 25 dollar tip under the table because I was happy as hell it started working… with that being said man don’t join parties from randoms and we have to get this dude banned!!! Thank for you guys for the help!!


Bro that’s seriously messed up screw that guy seriously

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