Who is leading in each conference?

What are your thoughts of the Best of the West and the Beasts of the East?

Toronto VS Memphis Both Top 1 NBA FINALS FOR SURE :rofl:

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Lowry or Kawhi?

Omri Casspi starting to get minutes i like that


Kawhi. Lowry sometimes choke

I ddnt see memphis coming though. I was shocked to see them at top

Toronto ain’t a joke this year.


Yes Sir. A Lot of Talent and Potential Scary Team.

They’re both killing it, the warriors and rockets are trash. I thought they would be on top this season.

I mean it’s to early to tell but the best always finesse after Allstar break.

“The Toronto Raptors win their first ever championship in franchise history.” If somehow with good team chem, minor injuries and luck tht this happens. I’m putting up my diamonds and pds for 500 mt.


Hahahaha I think they have a good chance to win though. And also if that happens kawhi won’t leave for sure.