Who I would take with the 1st pick in the draft

This is a guy I was super high on going into the season but after seeing that windmill dunk on his younger bro I want to make it official:

With the 1st pick in the draft Yubuubuu selects


Thank you that is all


Probably Wiseman. Just because we traded Drummond. And I think he’s going to be good

Anthony Edwards

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For me Wiseman is over the rest.
Only edwards can be a serious rival to him, but toppin looks really good

Im actually kind of low on Wiseman. He plays like a less springy Bagley IMO. Edwards is nice but something seems off about him to me. Probably has most potential though because of his build

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I dont like this projection. Hes going to be what people wish Tobias Harris was. A true PF that is much more athletic and better and finishing around the rim. He also has a higher defensive ceiling

Isn’t wiseman supposed to be just Deandre Jordan 2.0

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A worse bagley. Very overrated in my humble opinion. Was not impressed with him at all

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I don’t grade any of these prospects as stars.

The only player I graded a star last year was MORANT.

None of these guys excite me at all. Wiseman gonna be a bust.

I wouldn’t want to own a top pick this draft at all.

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My 2 steal of the drafts are Jay Scrubb, and Precious Achiuwa. Scrubb looks like he could be an early 2nd round steal, and you can’t have a name like Precious and not be the baddest guy on the court.

Not Zion?

LaMelo or Edwards.

Obi top 5 though with Wiseman and McDaniels.

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I also love tyrese Halliburton coming out of this draft too, sad his college season was cut short so to injury. Very good all around fundamentally sound guard

It’s gotta be that ball boy LAMELO BALL


He should be top 5

Haliburton is very good. Top 10 imo

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LaMelo Ball

You sure, LaMelo already better than Zo

No chance. Lonzo has been playing really well as of late. Finally fully healthy and playing in a system and with players that complement him. Its showing