Who here has 97 magic

I just picked one up…

Is the diamond Curry a good shoe option, I’ll move Wade to the bench, just wanted a bigger body to battle the cheesers, and I can time his shot better than Wade ( I’ll keep Wade to run at point if the team has a smaller PG)

Thoughts guys?

i run 97 magic without a shoe and take maybe 2-3 threes a game with him shooting 50%. if i could choose a shoe it would be a three point shoe yes. another option would be a dunk shoe.

how well does that Diamond Magic dunk? I have the PD and he can poster people at times

I have a dunk shoe and a diamond 3pt Curry

i would personally go dunk shoe, it’s his weakest stat and i drive more than i shoot with magic. his dunk tendency is 85, just like the PD. i get a couple posters here and there.

That’s interesting I’m really conflicted now lol

Dunk or regret :slight_smile:

How much is he on ps4?

~300k @BasketballNeverStops

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I didn’t realize he dropped that much last I checked a week ago he was 400. If I sell my Bron I’d prob have enough for him, damn might have to consider it.

I have magic. He is amazing. However I no longer play him as my starting point guard.

Well I ran him a few games with a dunk shoe, and he was fun…

Then I put the diamond Curry on him… He is end game! I don’t live off the 3 but it is a solid option now, and since his speed and acceleration are higher he seems to make it to the rim and dunk more than with the gold dunk shoe!

Last person I played would just back off of magic so I hit a 3 then he would double team magic… Pass to the post magic would end up wide open at the perimeter another 3. Had 27 points 4 of 5 from 3 and 8 assists… It was amazing


I have Magic and put the yellow and purple Kobe shoe on him. I really like the specific attribute boosts. He gets dunks and he is great from midrange. I also love the maxed out draw foul. However, I have to admit I primarily use Magic because of nostalgia. He is great, but he is also my favorite point guard of all time.

I’ll have to post my stats first game with the shoe ( I was forcing)

I personally think 97 Magic is overrated. 97 Bird is a much better card.

I’m working on posting a pic, the stat line was facing a 95 LeBron with a diamond defense shoe

Comparing Magic and Bird is like apples to oranges. They play completely different and serve different purposes.

Posting this for dadevangarret. Diamond Magic looks nasty

So he used Magic to bully-ball rather than facilitate/playmake? No offense to dadevangarret, but why would somebody pick up this card for 300K+ (on PS4) when they can get a 97 LeBron for less than half the price, and do the exact same thing? If you showed me a photo of him with like 17 assists and no turnovers with more than “1” rebounds, then I would regret having sold mine.

Thanks sir!

That’s was against 95 LeBron with a defense shoe and I’ll admit I was forcing it with magic just to see what he could do