Who have you put a diamond consumable on so far?

Who have you put a diamond consumable on so far?

So I have yet to put a diamond contract or shoe on any of my players. Previous years I have made a mistake using them too early on players that end up out of my rotation. Sometimes I put them on auctionable guys and end up making some of it back when I sell. Othertimes they go on reward guys or people who are locked in and I am just out the Mt when they leave my lineup.

Just wondering for those who have put contracts and shoes on anybody up to this point… Who did you put it on? And have you regret it yet?

Regret: Larry Bird
Meh: Amare

Still got 1


Have pulled 3 diamond contracts and only used 1 on GO David Robinson. I also bought a diamond 3 point shoe for him.

Holding on to the other 2 for better cards


I had pulled a contract from 75 wins and a shoe from 150 wins in ttoffline. Sold them both for 38k and 40k respectively.

Other day I pulled a contract from the vault and it’s been tempting to throw it on somebody as my contract cost per game is getting higher as my squads getting better.

One argument for putting it on a reward card is that whenever you sell auctionable guys you always have those contracted reward players to fill out your rotation.

I have not used a single diamond contract this year, but I have put a couple shoes on cards. I put the white/pink Adidas on Kobe forever ago to make him the best card in 2K20, and a speed shoe on Wilt. The +3 stat boosts with shoes this year doesn’t really seem worth it, in my opinion.


Put a diamond on mcadoo and stackhouse :neutral_face:


I learned not to put one on drummond magic crawford and baron. Serge may get it once i get to him

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I agree. Wish it was still +5 attributes


And they are way overpriced for what they give you. Last year, there was a good supply of shoes coming from TTO packs that the auction house always had ton of shoes. This year they with the scarcity has made them way too expensive.


I put one on X man like a month ago thinking I’ll get him to Pd and sell well he’s still a amy lost all patience to bring him


Serge & Xavier

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Diamond shoes for Diamond LeBron to get him speed boosting.

That’s it so far.

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(swb shoes on last two)

3pt shoe on pd Zeke

Obviously I only put contracts on evo players that require a lot of games to play. I played almost 300 games with Stack, Bob, X & Kersey so it already paid off. Sold X for 255k yesterday. Zero regrets, all decisions were good.

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I like that the guys you put contracts on you have already made a profit based on sheer volume of games. Good stuff.

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Diamond Adidas Crazylight on Terrence Ross before they became crazy expensive. Solid decision.

No diamond contracts though. I sell those suckers and buy stacks of gold contracts for 5K.

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Got 4 diamond contracts but ain’t put em on anyone all year yet.

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Is Tim Duncan worth putting a contract or shoes on? It seems possible that he might be really good up until all star or so…

i have one saved for serge did he get upped to 7/0 yet

Bought a Paul George for 220k with contract and shoe yesterday. Is that a win? Otherwise just contract on Baron

No one. Sitting on Diamond Shoes for PD/Opal Season but probably should sell.