Who got the most MT

I dont think im close, but im currently sitting on 186k, what yall got?

+200k but only found my sniper filters today. Not as difficult as I first thought.


Once i get my kawhi with 54 contracts to sell for 52.5 k ill.have about 200k ! Havent really locked anything yet tho. Just mo pete lol


160k MT but I have a pretty good squad. So just saving from here on out. waiting for badges to drop in price.

Thats what i did, ive been ive found that alot of token players are better then the rubies and Amythest


1.1 Million.

160k, got 6 dia contracts and 3 dia shoes (2 nike 1 jordan) in store. Soon to amy market :slight_smile:

You bought it

I bought 600k. The rest I had (502k). :slight_smile:


15k easy winner lol

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Where did u find someone selling that much mt lol

4k mt lol but decent squad, nearly all badged up and 3 of them have diamond shoe

Got 160k, I’m very curious about the 11, you think the market will crash?

Last night, I got lucky! :slight_smile:

Thats what im trying to do now, badge out my players that i locked in

I think once i sell my players i should have about 300k.
Anyone know the quickest way to list players with a buy now.

Anyone here got a lot of MT that didn’t buy VC?

i haveta have at least 100k but im putting it all towards collector rewards