Who Gets Traded...Wall Or Beal?

Idk what’s up with the wizards but they’re ass right now to start the season. Haven’t seen any of their games to know what their issue is but I’d like to think either wall or Beal gets traded at some point this season.

Imma have to say wall as if you remember last season when Wall was out beal and the wizards were playing really well

Wall had 7 turnovers tonight lololol. People trying to tell me wall is better than lowry. lol

Wall is better than Lowry… lol


Wall: overrated? Underrated?

Also has he put on a lot of weight this season?

id take lowry. wall is useless without the ball in his hands


Overrated. Per bball index grades he is the WORST off ball player in the league. Hard to win with a player like that on your team

Edit: also seems like a pretty bad teammate. Doesnt seem like his guys have his back ever


Who is more useless off the ball? Westbrook or Wall?

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Wall but its close. Wall was legit the worst in the league. 1% percentile lol

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I would expect you to say that. Lowry is balling on another level this season as Wall is in a slump with th Wiz so that’s fair.

Honorable mention: Harden

Wall to me has been the most disappointing no.1 draft pick since Kwame brown and the ‘busts’

I think if you put Wall on a good team he’s a beast, I hope he goes someplace good.

I think Anthony Bennett would disagree


Muting this thread


Lol idgaf about Lowry. I asked who gets traded first fellas

I dunno. Kyle is a way better defender and 3ball shooter. And tbh sees the floor better too. Wall can drive and dunk better obviously. But kyle is a pretty damn good driver too. Maybe im biased but if u put wall on the raptors instead of kyle i think the raps are worse

Trade Beal first. Wall is the face of the Franchise. Also it’s easy to get someone to score like Beal, but you will have a hard time finding a 20pts 10assist point guard like wall that can also defend the elite guards. Beal isn’t a star yet. Pairing John wall with any other superstar works.

id trade wall. Beal fits along side more players. Theres a reason why that team prospered for a while when wall was out

Right. If John Wall is the best player on your team, you’re not winning a championship. But ain’t no stars goin to Washington. Hes a robin

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