Who else here watching football(futbol)

As an Asian ,seldom people here watch futbol, but I’m a big FCB fan. How about you guys ?? :thinking:

Messi :goat:


Where in Asia ? I mostly watch the WC and am done

Bayern fan since 1999.

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Only the Polish national team. Nobody can beat Lewandowski’s 5 goals in 9 minutes.

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2/28 FCB vs Real Madrid :fire:

Nice , played a few Taiwanese on 2k

I intentionally left that part out .

@bru64 I play on ball D and no cheese ,so that’s why I barely get 12-0 lol

Continue that man , don’t go to the dark side . You will eventually learn to beat them . Those potm are not that crazy tbh

AC Milan fan from a good ol’ days.
Dont have much time to watch football lately.


Since CL Final against Man Utd?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yah, since that season, not just final.

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Van Basten was my favorite player growing up.

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Milan fan here.

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FCBarcelona or death :large_blue_circle::red_circle::large_blue_circle::red_circle:

English Premier League fan here :wave:t2:

Btw, I like the title. It’s football, never ever, not in 84618293 years, “soccer”.



Espanyol > Barcelona :white_circle::large_blue_circle:


I crossed my fingers for Ferguson’s kids then.
But still remember how dewasteted Lothar Mattheus was…as the rest of FCB team.

One if the greatest football memory ever.