Who do you think is gonna be the season 7 reward?

PD Rose
PD Westbrook OOH

Anyone else?

I don’t we won’t have a 7th season, the games is already dead but it always dies after the finals

Nah no way haha. They are going to relese PD Lebron and only give people a few days to play with the card. Nahh

We don’t know if we will have another season of supermax… usually they stop releasing new content after the finals… and they will have to have some reward equal to or better then PD Porzingis… and that will be difficult

True yeah. I would be shocked if they shut down the mode completely to preseason, would make no sense. And it would make no sense for them to change it either that would take way to much effort. Maybe they will just make the PD Prize MT.

Is should be a free copy of 2k19 since it will nearly be out then lol

That’s why the off-season exists, permanent off-season after the season and also the multiplayer moments challenges exist too, you can try cards there too

I guess we will see!

Watch them troll everyone BUT me and release pd lowry :))))))

haha :slight_smile:

Its so dumb. Kyle has more attributes than diamond curry AND kemba. This is WITHOUT the duo with demar. And hes only a 90 overall. With the duo he has more attributes than pd lonzo im pretty sure or close. And its still a 94. More attributes than dinwoodie. But no diamond rank ?? 2k literally trolling me. Knowing im.the only dude in gods universe that wants a diamond kyle. Tbh tho kinda hard to replace 98 chris paul now that i have magic starting lol

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The same things happens with Amy Richmond, he has more total attributes than all the players you mentioned too, and he’s a fucking 94 (he’s actually a 98 ovr with high intangibles) which is disrespectful for the best player in Sacramento history alongside Webber, he needs a diamond or at least a duo with mullin that makes him a Diamond, also his badges are outdated, an Amethyst Richmond in this days would have like 8 hof minimum

2k is so weird. Kemba doesnt deserve a diamond over both ritchmond or kyle. But it is what it is lol.

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Lowkey kyle is a damn beast with the duo. His badging is just missing hof badges. Funny that the league leader in charges drawn doesnt have the charge card hof LOLOL.but emerald MARCUS SMART DOES. Only with 2k. Lololol

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Don’t forget that a player like Oden who almost didn’t play in general has a better ovr than Kyle, 2k logic seems to be worse than EA’s

Yah but attributes wise kyle is superior. Just overall rating he gets screwed. Dont know how tho. Makes no sense

Im actually in the market for richmond to finish chris bosh collection. Being a raps fan i gotta get the the bosharaptor lol. Gunna cause line up changes though. I have lebron at the 4 and kp. And brown at the 3. I guess brown just is a safety measure now. His isos are MONEY. But lebron goes to the 3 with bosh at the 4. On the bench need richmond payton ray and amare lol. Still a ways to go. I got a duncan for 20k. Trying to flip tbh lol. But bosh is my next order of business seeming that kyle lowry diamond is no where to be seen lol

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Nobody cares about Kyle Lowry. Kemba deserved a diamond. Kyle didnt thats why he doesnt have one.

Oden > Lowry

Your incorrect. There is a lot of raps fans in the world. You literally speak with such false statements its funny. I find it interesting that you can carry out perfectly fine conversations with other people. In the ps4 community. But when it comes to me ONLY cuz im a raps fan u feel the need to troll me whenever i talk about the raps. I literally dont go out of my way to make your day worse. But you do ? I just dont get how people can get a good feeling from being so negative towards people. It is what it is though. Ive gotten used to your negativity and malice towards me. Just find it interesting that you feel the need to talk less of the raptors in hopes to upset me. Your opinion on the raps literally means nothing to me. :))))))))