Who do you run at center?

Currently I’m using 98 Shaq and ruby Serge Ibaka off the bench. I’m :eyes: my to stretch the floor a little more. I have about 129k who do y’all suggest and who do u use right now

Amy Sabonis


Do you have trouble on defense with him guarding faster bigs or power fowards

Always good to have centers that can shoot or else they’ll off ball on their center

Only have trouble if they know what theyre doing in the post

That is the exact problem I’m having right now. People send double teams all game with Shaq on the floor as they off ball on a sf or something

Even then i’ll just set double team post to dig

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Amy porzingis is also an option


If youre dead set on shaq then cover him with shooters and spread the floor. Set a shaq post up play and everyone else will spread out. If a double comes then pass it out

Ammy Porzingus, Diamond Boogie or Sabonis


Nah I’m going to move Shaq to the bench. I’ve seen enough to where I’m ready to replace him. Kristaps and Sabonis both look better for my offense

Is Porsingas good as far rebounding and defense?

Yeah, if my opponent runs Shaq, and especially if he works him in the post, I’ll do more off-balling. I’ll at least set his D to gap/leave and CPU will also off-ball.

You need to constantly run P&R with him, and even then the opponent can gap big to catch the roll. He knows it’ll be a roll, not a fade.

Two ways to cope with this:

  1. Use a ballhandler who can shoot off the screen to increase pressure on opponent to bring up his Center to hedge/show. If he does this, that opens up Shaq’s rolls more.

  2. Post up Shaq.

And if they are off-balling with Shaq’s defender and send someone else on the double-team, then try getting ball to Shaq and ISOing him as you maybe then have a big mismatch to exploit with back to basket. Just post up and post-spin and be ready to pass to the shooter who will be open when help comes.

He is for me. His height helps with blocks and boards. I also badged him up with all of the defensive ones including bruiser, brick wall and defensive stopper. I think he also has hustler rebounder and chase down artist too

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96 Jokic

I can’t seem to move away from 95 diamond Boogie. He just kills it for me.

My only problem is that he’s basically on EVERY team

Amy Sabonis, and Diakon Cousins… I am actually on the verge of tossing Cousins in the auction house and sliding Davis over with the addition of a stretch 4 like Malone. Cousins doesn’t really do all that much for me. He is quick, and a good defender/rebounder. AD could do the same at the 5 though. I would keep him if they finally made he and AD a dynamic duo. Out of almost every duo in the league that one is a no-brainer.

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Thx for the advice. Yeah my spacing becomes terrible when I run the Amethyst MJ at point guard and Shaq at Center. I’m gonna have to get a center that can shoot. My might get sent to the bench too for a player that can shoot better.

That’s one I didn’t even think of. Diamond AD at center might work

Yeah, I think it’s very difficult if you’re running a Center who doesn’t shoot at all, and have a primary ballhandler who isn’t a big pull-up 3 threat. People can manage fine if they’re good on the sticks but definitely life is harder that way.

If you can at least roll off the screen with MJ and hit pull-up middies with reliability, then effect is the same, but it’s still hard without the legit 3-ball threat.

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