Who do I put these shoes on?

Nike: White and blue Kobe’s +9 to block hands lateral quickness def iq and shot contest

Jordan: blue and white lows +9 to shot contest contested mid moving mid moving 3 and steal

Adidas: Orange crazyight boosts +9 to hustle lateral quickness accel speed and stamina

Under armour: white Curry’s +9 to accel speed with ball and all 3s

The players I have right now are:
PD: Ben Simmons, Giannis, Lebron, KD, AD, TMac, and KAT
Diamond: Klay, Kawhi, Wilt, Hakeem

Looking to get one more guy possibly to replace Klay, Wilt, or Kawhi if there’s someone that one of these shoes would go especially well with. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

The Adidas for either KAT or, if you want, a Wilt.

I think most of those guys are brand-restricted, so using the Curry Highs is tough…I guess you could put it on McGrady, though it’s a bit of a waste just for +6 SWB and then a bunch of +1’s.

The Nike is nice for AD for the OB DIQ and LQ boosts, but I think a lot of people would rather put a SWB/Spd/Accel or 3pt boost on him.

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Those Currys are nice on Penny, and the blue Jordans are nice on Kobe. And yeah, the Adidas sure would make Wilt pretty damn fast.

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I would sell the currys, alot of ppl would pay big money for those on certain players, idk about everybody else

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I have the addidas on wilt, it’s a no Brainer.

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