Who do I get? Pink diamonds only!

Who should I get for that SG spot. I have enough tokens for another player I’m thinking Rick Barry or pierce. Also have 450k mt.





Kuzma at the 2 is good or if u want the best sg in the game… Limited Brandon Roy

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Well that’s another good option too but i’d like to have someone with 3p plays there and this eliminates Tmac, Kobe and Roy :slight_smile:
The only 3p play card he has is Kawhi in whole lineup.

lol true, limited broy for me is still my go to scorer and with HoF limitless he can pull up so easy in transition, catches any defenders off guard when u pull up at the logo.

I can see limited broy staying in my squad for a very very long time avg 25ppg for me

He also has great slashers and spacing with the lineup but no hof c&s guys.

People discovered kinda too late how effective Magic-Klay combo was, now they’ll also find out you have to put a hof c&s + 3p plays guy between Pip and Lebron if you will use both as pg and sf at the same time. KD is the perfect one but need a better defense card for now so i pick Kuzma.
Doing all since k17 lol. I’m so repetitive.

I just sold diamond klay haha! Smh getting bored of him tbh. Pd Rick Barry has catch and shoot Hof. What you think?

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Try Tatum w red kyrie and thank me later.

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Cheapest option u have it seems. Klay is less dimensional when he is compared to Kuzma, KD. I’d like to use postfade as well. Kobe was the perfect guy if he had 3p plays :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Nah defense is trash. I murder him everytime I see him

Klay is predictable. Pink diamond kd I could pick up but I’d rather save the mt. I guess I can test Barry out and see if he’s a beast.

Yet but still hard to stop if you hide him behind 2 screens.
I agree on KD that’s why i didn’t suggest him, would be mt loss eventually. Kuzma has a settled priced and everything else needed imo but you can’t go wrong with Barry too.

Pierce is the last guy you’d want there btw. All 5 slow releases is a gamekiller. That empty slot better be faster than Bron or Pip when he shoots.

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I wouldn’t go that far. He was lockdown on D & drained post fades over everybody at the 2 before I got J.R.

2nd diamond PG or PD PG if you insist PD only

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you could hold the mt and run pierce

Combine it with the rest of the paragraph. This part alone is misleading :innocent:

He has Lebron 85 strenght who can also fade and there is a 40k Kawhi in the house right now, try to fade against him with Pierce :skull_and_crossbones:
Barry is a better choice for him in token market imo. Pierce was good till there were Worthys, Kuzmas, Kawhis… around.

Definitely Paul George only get the PD if you can really afford him since he wouldn’t get the production he deserves on this squad. Or Jayson Tatum I’d you prefer more of a 3pt sniper at the 2. Don’t buy Klay imo because Joe Harris is Klay but named Joe Harris. He’s prob your best option if you want a raw knockdown shooter

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