Who can slow down Giannis at this point in the NBA?


I love Giannis but playoff basketball is a different monster that he has yet to conquer so let’s pump the brakes til he at least reaches the finals


Siakam :slight_smile:


I honestly cant wait for the playoffs this year. Minus the warriors

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As it looks right now warriors may not be invincible. Who knows. Draymond “the backpack kid” green needs to figure out how to shoot the ball and make a difference in games again lol

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If KD and Giannis did the DBZ fusion dance, would they be the best player ever? Kevannis AnteDuranpo.


Yeah but once boogie comes back even if hes half as decent its gonna be crazy

True but they havent played one game of basketball together. Lots of egos to keep in check. (Durant green and cousins) but yes cousins is gunna be nuts on that team

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You need to have 2 tall players pf sf or sg or sf who can switch whole game like siakam and Kawhi did against giannis. Then you force him to shoot mid range or assist, good luck though on a fast break :skull_and_crossbones:


Siakam can run with him. Thats about it LOL. Its true tho. Make giannis shoot the ball. If u lose by giannis shooting 3s then big ups to giannis. But that wont last for 7 games

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Watch that Boston series last year he had insane stats but weren’t that clutch. New team this year though with 30-40 3s attempted per game.

Boston doesnt really have great defenders tbh. Not for giannis at least lol. Marcus morris. Hayward? lol.

Bucks play like Houston this year they need to make clutch shoots especially middleton in the playoffs.

Kawhi on middleton was clamps last game. And bbq chicken on offense. Middleton had 5 fouls lol

Playoffs, switches by a mobile,athletic wingman’s(Raps, Celtics).
When tempo will slowing down and the rest of Bucks will be forced to play more one on one it will be not that easy for him.