Who auctionable in the future will be comparable to this worthy?


Im thinking t mac and lebron?

pd KD

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Any SF with hof shooting badges + hof d stopper.

Anni. LeBron, KD, and PG will probably be better stats wise, and have better HoF outside badging.

I guess alot of ppl will want him for the tornament too. I guess if they run him at the 4. Pd ad and opal blake might he a problem for him

It won’t be any current players. Only historics get the base 11 treatment.

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Pd James worthy prolly smh.

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Lebron kd tmac Kobe bird Vince carter will all have better cards in the playoffs than worthy, it happens every year,

Wilt is the move here, only cards that will be better than him are opal Kareem and opal Hakeem

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I wish he had hof defensive stopper tho. Only downfall for wilt.

Wilt makes up for that with rim protector and his size and speed, I think worthy if you have a game plan of never getting a end Game Center right away but worthy to me doesn’t jump out as a must have,

I locked in pd Oscar last year, which was a good lesson about locking in things and where to spend the bread, which is why I only lock in sets towards wilt, and none of the promos until maybe the end of the year I’ll get blake or shaq

Yeah wilt is amAzing for me except against budget squads where he will get dominated by ruby cousins lol. Worthy was my guy last year and only had an amy. But its a different game this year

I doubt any player will have this stats and base 11 , so …
Granger for almost 500k because of his release , and it’s a diamond without any HOF

Only reason I’m saying these other players is they will have the shooting badges which will put them ahead of worthy, like opal Lebron will prolly have limitless dimer along with 10 other hof badges

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Give it two more months, everyone would be identical, don’t let the hype make you chase something that would be dead in a month or two. Op cards would be all over the market around match/April.

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Yo i was wondering what did you have to lock in for Oscar last year

Complete the entire NBA roster and historic roster and unlike this year with the historic roster being cheap every set was min 100k

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You think will be more GO with base 11 on the market ?

Oh yeah I remember that sapphire isiah Thomas went for like 80k or something crazy

In upcoming promo for sure, they know it’s a highly requested shot release, these money hungry developers gonna start rolling them cards out soon just be patient.

Yeah your right. Opal cp3/ wilt and worthy all have their position max stats. All comes down to release and player now.