Who are your guys go to clamp artists?

Been running more of a defensive scheme lately with smother setting and sometimes throwing in a press. My guys rn that seem to put in the most work are PD Rodman, GO kirlenko and GO donkey. Who else should I be adding to the squad?

If you can afford it, the All Star GO Jordan.

Or the new GO Kidd as a bench point.

Obviously GO Giannis is gonna be amazing, and I’ve found GO Wade is pretty ridiculous on similar sized point guards as well.

This may sound weird but I think the free reward GO Kiki plays above his defensive stats too, maybe because he has a huge player model.

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Odom and Ben for me for their versatility on D

AK47, Ben Simmons, Hakeem. Hakeem can guard just about any card out there. I’m never worried when he gets switched out onto the perimeter.

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Idk why but James worthy be clamping up the 3s and 4s

Kiki is sneaky athletic too. Catches a lot more bodies than you’d think.

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RoCo defends the go to guy on the 1-3.

Was just reading Kiki has good defensive tendencies. I’m trying to find the best point guard cpu defender; someone that always strips his guy easily.

seems like GO MJ is the way to go, Is Jason Kidd opal comparable? his tendencies aren’t mj or Payton level… but I remember his evo bump stealing a lot at the time.

AK. He does it all. I have more games played with him than any of you gents would care to know lol

1-3: Glen Rice, Ben Wallace, Dennis Rodman
2-4: Robert Covington
3-5: Dino Radja


Last year I had 1500 plus games with him lol the base 11 diamond reward


Diamond AK in 2k19 was maybe the most fun card of all time

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Ben Wallace

Now Opal Giannis


Only set I’ve locked this year. Had to get Beal the day he came out and needed the 125 tokens. honestly don’t feel too bad about it. Slowly getting Wall to opal. Obviously AK has been used a little bit. I use Big Z in a couple diamond lineups. But back to OPs original point, AK is a defensive god. He plays above his size at 6’9 (sorry @Shoko), and can competently defend 1-4 at a very high level if needed. For me, he’s been my ace for a long time.


My pd evo kidd was my best offball guard for long time. Go kidd now. Somehow Go wade dosnt play as good D as kidd.


AK no doubt

I think his obst and pass interception tendency are both 95

Glitch Ben Wallace is an animal on defense

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Glitched Ben Wallace, Glen Rice, and Rodman lock up any and everyone I put them on