Who are you running at your 4/5?

Starters and bench…curious and also looking for ideas.

Starters: PF Wilt C DRob
Bench: PF Malone C Saboner

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4. Diamond Giannis
5. Oden
4. Bob Love
5. David Robinson

Drob sabonis bench oden Porz


C: Greg Oden

PF: Bill Russell


C: Diamond Porzingis

PF: David Robinson


Russell (4) go wilt (5)

Bench PD giannis/kg (4) dikembe/kg (5)

Starters- Bird/Drob
Bench- Melo/ PD Hakeem

Btw what happened to everyone running small ball lineups I haven’t seen much of that this year

Bigmen having high speed and lat quick w/ shooting

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Oden 93 speed, 88 lat quickness

Drob 91 speed, 85 lat quickness.

Speed shoes ftw

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That’s the formula I like too. Seems like Oden, Diamond DRob, GO Wilt(Don’t Have) and Ewing(Slow Shot) are the ones that fit that mold right now.

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Yup you are right :slight_smile:
Those cards are great.

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We got post game back, and for most of the game real guys could shoot over little guys

No blow by like last year

KG and Ewing
AD and Hakeem

I’ve been riding with Ewing and he has been winning me games. His shot is so slow sometimes I like half bar it and think why the F do I use this card then it goes in anyways.

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PD Jamison
PD Ewing

PD Hakeem
PD Oden

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When I run two bigs one or the other plays like a non factor all game while the other dominates. Also Melo at the 4 is no joke

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Hahaha I haven’t tried ewing blew all my tokens on giannis chase.
Fought many ewings his post fade is great also runs very well

Ewing is really good. Luckily I needed one more PD to go to the Opal market when he dropped.

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Ewing dunks on guys he should dunk on in situations where he should dunk. Same scenario with rebounds…he makes you happy more often than not.

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Great one man! I also have a friend who really likes ewing
Haha He is Legit! Good cop on the token market