Who are the possible 'sidekick' cards for the potential Anniversary players?

Bucks - Giannis
Lakers - Magic
Bulls - Jordan

If it’s MJ could we get a diamond Pippen?!?

I don’t know how they are related, Blake Griffin had Oscar Robertson last time

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bulls- diamond artis, amy kukoc, ruby deng

lakers- diamond worthy, amy pau, ruby fisher

bucks- diamond redd?, amy moncrief, ruby dandridge


Please be worthy with magic, hed be wayy better then this lebron.


First 2 anniversary cards had diamonds from the same team. They propably added Oscar cause no Clipper was worth of a diamond (considering CP3 will be the GO set reward)

Gimmie that Lakers Pau, with post game the way it is a 7 footer with his touch is a gg

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Elton Brand is worthy of a diamond if Dan Issel is worthy of a pink diamond


Sidekick is a funny word for dynamic duo

People legit sleep on how good Brand was as a Clipper

I’m hoping for worthy, loved his amethyst last year. Was at a good price too.

Issel a hof though and a dog back in the day. But yeah if Camby has a diamond, Elton Brand is worthy of one too i guess.

Inb4 they drop set and not anni.

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So true. He was a legit 20 point-10 rebound player every year. Even had almost 25 ppg in his 2006 all-star year with them

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Oscar was mistakenly released last set, so i think its like 80% chance its antetokoumpo this week

Pippen :eyes:

I think he would have more likely been in the throwback elite packs than in the anni

who giannis?


seems like a good place for him as a bucks diamond, his best card will be for the kings

yo if we get a worthy he will be juiced just look at oscar and iggy, Worthy would have 84 3 ball with godly post stats, he’d be a taller pd LJ with better dunking less shooting

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