Who are the best opal rewards now?

Obviously the limiteds but I’m weighing up them vs getting regular opals so out of the regular ones who are the best now In everyone’s opinion?

Not counting Giannis and limited cards:

  1. Shaq (fucking speed boosting and a 3 ball)
  2. Worthy/McHale
  3. Bird
  4. Kareem
  5. PG13/Melo
  6. Yao (fade is completely overpowered)
  7. Limited MJ (at PG only)
  8. Scal
  9. Kawhi/DRob/Simmons

Honorable mention:
KD, KG, Hakeem

Best possible lineup with ALL cards:

Limited MJ/PG13/Giannis/Simmons/Yao

  1. Giannis
  2. Simmons
  3. Limited MJ.

Sig Limited Jordan Kobe Bron and Giannis

So I got my 3000 tokens, I redeemed Limited LeBron. Should redeems Limited Kobe as well? Or use the rest of the tokens and get the WHITE MAMBA and the others?