Who are the best Emerald token cards?

So I am just starting out all these menus and challenges are so confusing. My pg at the moment is Tyler freaking Johnson, didn’t get the Bron version. I have around 5 tokens so I should prob pick up a pg right? Or should I use those tokens on somebody else and pickup a pg through the auction house?

I was eyeing Jay Will and Payton. Lee, Marion and McGee look solid as well.

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I got Payton, played him quite some until i upgraded. He is MONSTER on D, tons of steals, very good overall defensively, slashing is not great, but if he beats his man he will lay it in, shooting is sub par.

Mo Pete, probably most amazing Emerald, whole community loves him and for a reason. Dunking insane, shooting the same, really great card, even got Bronze D Stopper haha.

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Mo pete 6’9 cash release 3pt SG

Payton clamps

Frye got a 90 3 ball

Javale cuz Javale lol

David west good post up if you cant use cousins

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Other then the previously mentioned, Posey is another solid option as a shooter


mo pete and Dennis scott

mo pete & Frye


Mo peterson has the smoothest release out of everyone and he good on defensive, a budget klay, Courtney Lee also, but his release a little off for me, posey good defense but inconsistent behind the 3 for me

So I picked up Mo Pete and Javale. I’ve got 3 more tokens. Starters are Curry, my imported My Player, Mo Pete, Markannen, Javale.

I’ve gotta replace Markannen should I get Frye? Maybe Payton as I need a backup pg? I should probably replace my My Player guy as well doesn’t have much defense but that 95 three ball is cash.

Craig ehlo lights out, trust me


Ehlo, posey, or Frye.

Also I think it’s kinda cool James posey has had the exact same release since 2k8

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He’s pretty much my My Player though except I’ve got a 95 three and 88 mid range. I’m thinking either Frye or Posey.

I think that posey pretty nice and he got good defense

mo pete and frye

U running Frye at the 4? Saw DBG say he runs him at the 5

Nah i have mostly diamonds. Im using Rashard Lewis

Posey, mo Pete, ehlo, McGhee, and world b free is nice too

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When you make sapphire, Gar Heard used to put my whole team on his back. Bol is nice too and Elie for 3pt plays


For a PG: World B. Free. 86 open 3, 86 ball control, 88 driving dunk.


Finally. World b free should bei your choice imo


I picked up World b free. I just got my ass kicked in MTU by a team of nearly all rubies and Amys. Ugh was only so much I can do. It’s why I haven’t touched this mode yet, lots of cards are already OP. Not having much luck sniping either. I’m getting cards to show up but I’m getting beat to them.