Who are the best diamond PGs in the game right now?

How’s that diamond russ card?

I think stock/monta/Deron still hold down the diamond PG world. People say they like Russ on next gen more than current from what I’ve seen.

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Diamond Kyrie with HOF clamps… only been playing on next gen tho

Best ones I’ve used have been either Deron or Monta

monta is crazy good

Stockton is the best overall. Monta the best for rim running, but Magic is still holding it down for me off the bench until I get Wade or another good PG. Still the ultimate mismatch.

Glitched Stockton

just echoing what everyones said, deron monta and stockton.

kyrie with gold/hof clamps or russ with gold/hof range are great too

Do not sleep on Rafer Alston!


Deron or Stockton but if Ja could get clamps it’d be a wrap

just claimed Westphal from exchange will see if he’s any good


rafer alston is just unstoppable


Backing up the MontA people. Especially if he’s badged up the wazoo. And he is technically a primary SG but screw the semantics.

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Who did u end up going with?

Skip to my lue is a demi, his dribbling is insane


My badged out monta still doing wonders

Monta, Stockton, Rafer. Depending on badging.

Stockton is the best facilitator & best defender among those.
Monta is the best scorer overall.
Rafer is the best dribbler, opens up the floor perfectly.

Fully badges Deron still the way to go. The length defensively sets him apart for me.

deron and worthy


Deron Williams has been starting for me for 2 months straight. All the talk this year has been about Curry stay sleep though :zzz:

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