Who are the Best Centers in the Game?

I have 560k and this team, so I can essentially buy almost anyone at this point. Is there any center/center-power forward rotation that I could replace dino and/or timmy with? I enjoy the cards but if there are any significantly better cards I will try them out

Where’s Oscar :pleading_face:


watching from the locker room unfortunately. simmons is just too good for me

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Goat shaq maybe? Your team is pretty set so he might be the best you can get😂. And can someone go to the august snipes and jus type sum bc I have another snipe but I can’t do more than 4 things in a row

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thats what i was thinking but i felt like i could get better than a 50k mt bench pf/c combo when the rest of the team is so elite

Dino should stay unless you want like a bill Russell. But the backup center is pretty short for me at least

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alright thanks. ill pick up a shaq if i can get a good deal

He’s 200k on Xbox

But I jus sniped one for 100​:rofl::rofl:

i was hoping he was still at least as low as 180. just saw you sniped him do you think he is worth that?

Still tryin to improve. I respect the hustle. :grin:

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i have the mt so why not

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He can dunk on everyone bc of his body build. Pro 2 tween. Pro 5 btb. He does everything except his jumper is slow but is easy to green. He’ll make everything in the post/paint

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see my issue is that i had the same experience with timmy d. im wondering if the size makes shaq even more elite at going to the rim

The 2 inches will help a lot on shaq. Tim felt pretty sluggish to me for some reason. They both have good btb and tweens. Jus Shaqs body build is really good on the court (no homo). And shaq feels Kareem fast

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Wiseman is really good and last time I checked he was 70-80k

might be unpopular opinion but I love the GOAT wilt card, release is stupid ofc but at the 5, I don’t generally score at 3 with my 5, he moves like a guard and slithers around, defensive monster, and is dirt cheap. idc if Shaq/Yao/KAJ or guards, the wilt is a work horse.

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Yao’s price dipped a little bit on Xbox right now

i have yao

Ngl Hakeem is better than shaq imo and I sold wiseman for hakeem since he’s a freaking steal for 10k