Who are the best auction pfs you can buy?

I have sabonis and cousins at center who I like and looking for the best pfs. I have oden drob Porz ayton on my team as well. Not sure who to use. Plz help


Look at the new JJJ if you are looking for a 3&D PF… he’s 25-30 K now

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AD KG Giannis

I play Cowens at PF, and also love Siakam off the bench.


Another vote for KG

Cowens a little pricey for me. I was thinking ayton oden drob Jackson Porz at the 4

The best is Cowens


Cousins also makes a great 4 imo

i had KG but i didnt like him so i sold him back. Offensively was bad. slow release etc…defensively he was really good. But he is too expensive for just defense. So i tried other PF’s after i sell him and i have to say that
ANTAWN JAMISON was AWESOME. His base 11 release and 3p plays makes him unique. I like his Defense and post game as well
PASCAL SIAKAM i bough him for cheap just to try him and sell him back…but boy he was good. He was that good that i never sold him back.
COWENS. I bought him for a lot. He was amazing. But i am playing him now as a SF
COUSINS. I bough him as my center but he ended up holding a PF position as soon as i bough Hakeem.
BILL RUSSEL: Awesome Defender with strong post game. fast as a thunder. agile. He has a permanent spot on my team and i use him as a PF/C whenever i need him

(Also that new Diamond Porter Jr seems quite good with a nice release too. But i havent tested him enough. just a couple of games)

I heard porter release is slow and his strength only a 80

porter release is fast. Not base 11 fast. But its quite fast. strength is 80 yes.

Pd Siakam is a very underrated card that is very effective & productive on both sides of the floor.