Who are some 'must own' players around 100k?

I don’t mean your personal favorite cards, but players that at their price point would be stupid not to use/own maybe even on god squads. Someone like Cousins for example.

DeMarcus Cousins is maybe my favorite card this year. Just throw on a bc shoe and you’ll be speedboosting after making one shot.

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PD playoff moments Kawhi

PD Jordan

PD ASG Magic

PD ASG Kuzma


I hear bird is approaching 100k. If that is the case then definitely him.


Sabonis as well. Still my bench C even at this point. HOF dimer. Smooth release.

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Granger. Diamond Kristaps. PD Kareem

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Grant Hill sometimes outperforms all my GO players with less minutes.


Damn, is 98 Hill BIN?

I play on PC- he was 30-50 for a long time, dunno about now.

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How does that Hill compare to the reward Hill in your opinion?

98 is waayyy better

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well he used to be 100k, but clyde is goes off for me.

other than that, boogie is a must have.

Just used PD Vince Carter for the first time this year yesterday. Gotta say, he’s even better than he’s been the last couple years for me. And I’m just talking about the unlimited.

So much better.

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Bill Russell

imo the best VALUE players available right now with the highest performance:price ratio are in no particular order(not going to include any ruby or amys):

  • Boogie
  • Derozan
  • Clyde
  • Oden
  • Porzingis
  • D Rob
  • Magic
  • Granger
  • Sabonis
  • Pippen
  • Hill
  • D Kawhi

Boogie and Clyde are the best right now. They gave boogie Kd crossover, that dude is unguardable against any traditional slow centers. I killed Yao Ming for like 30 on 12 shots.

add cowens to my list