Who Actually Uses Out Of Position PGs

A lot of Youtubers that I’ve watched so far in 2k19 are always talking about how they “need” to run a big PG cough cough Ambish cause everyone online is doing it, yet 90% of the games I play, my opponent is using an actual PG at PG. If anything, them promoting using SFs at PG is probably making more people do it. What are your thoughts, and how many of you guys actually run out of position PGs?

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Surprisingly I ended up playing with 2 PG’s Oscar and Magic (if you can call Magic PG because he is 6’9)

Magic definitely counts as a PG. Yes he’s big but he isn’t used the same way other SFs are used at point guard. He can’t drive and dunk on everyone or pull up from limitless. He’s there to facilitate and “play point”.

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I mainly use baron but put hill at pg when i face magic

does lbj count? he pretty much brings the ball down

LeBron is they main culprit in this kind of situation. Either him, Granger, or AK

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You right i was such a Heightist

Is dwade ok to put at pg?

Yeah. Wade is 6’4 so he would be too small to play SF. His skills translate well at PG


The worst is diamond Durant and Kirilenko at PG if you use a traditional point guard. The shot contests don’t register because they are so tall and long.

Magic/Oscar online.
J-Will/ Bibby offline.

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I use AI (SG) and Ben Simmons (PF), though both of them have PG as their secondary.

PD Magic/diamond Steph rotation here. Their different styles actually compliment each other perfectly


I play guys at their positions or secondary positions if they played one. Like ad I’ll play at pf. Anyone who says you have run a sf at pg or guys in crazy positions isn’t very good at the game. They have low basketball in and can’t win without abusing game mechanic flaws. I win 90% of my games playing sim basketball. Could I win 99% or 100% by cheesing and playing corny? Sure, but I don’t need to win or don’t need the potm so bad I need to resort to some lame ass sucker shit.


I use PD Grant Hill as point guard. Simply because of his speed, ball control and most importantly his steal. I have the white kobe ad mid on him so he’s 95 bc and 98 steal. I play the perimeter mostly and run plays so I’m not using him for blowby dunks. He probably has more assists per game then points for me. I used diamond curry for awhile and had lots of fun with his fading three but his defense was just to bad.
And I absolutely love when people run Ben Simmons, giannis or LeBron at point guard because the have low ball control and that gets me steals for days :grin:

LeBron doesn’t need to be at PG though because he has play initiator. But I can understand the people who put Bron, Wade, Jordan at PG but those who uses AK, Melo, Granger, and Blake Griffin at PG then good luck to you because I’m definitely going hard on you. I mean in game.

Magic and manu

Oscar and as of yesterday wade off the bench.

All Time Lakers Squad uses Ruby Jeremy Lin and Ruby Jose Calderon as my PGs, with Gail Goodrich getting a few minutes in there as well.

Rookie squad: Emerald Collin Sexton and Heat Check Trae Young get all the minutes at PG.

Magic starter
Stockton bench

When Stockton isnt playing up to par I use Hill, Mani, Oscar, and sometimes Kirelenko