Which Team(s) has/have the biggest future this decade?

After talking with @YOSEMITE_HAM about the Nuggets, it got me thinking about teams and I’m interested to see what the consensus is.

Drop your team(s) below and state why

Raptors IDC

Siakim vanfleet OG Powel
Some crazy young guys, w champ mentality and so much potential and future mvp Terrance Davis again IDC

Pelicans, Grizzlies, and Mavs. All teams have a franchise defining player that could end up playing at a hall of fame level. Not to mention that each team has a costars within their current roster already with Jarren, Zingis, and Ingram. These teams are gonna be scary to watch in a few years.


Boston has a lot of great young players right now.

Edit: for sure the grizz look super interesting also

I think another team’s future that’s pretty underrated is the Cavs.

They’re going to be adding their 5th player to their young core (Sexton, Garland, KPJ, and Windler (maybe Cedi if he counts)) this year. If they nail their pick right this year and maybe get another lottery selection next year, the Cavs can be something

Miami heat
Nunn, herro, bam, DJJ, KZ Okpala (needs to develop)


I like Sexton and KPJ, but Cleveland’s front office will probably fuck it up and be lottery bound until Bronny enters the league.

Hawks so far being overrated in that regard.

Or they could be rebuilding the franchise quickly for LeBron’s possible return (again). Now before you say blasphemous, lemme explain why…

Guess who the Cavs conveniently have in their core rn…

Garland (who’s supposed to be an amazing shooter and playmaker, but we’ll see)

Sexton (great scorer, showing flashes of playmaking)

Windler (a SF who can shoot it from deep and is surprisingly quick with a keen sense on making the right pass)

KPJ (a SG showing some serious flashes of potential, can become a star in this league)

Now just by looking at this, you can see that these pieces, whether it’s intentional or not oddly fit around the “LeBron system.” Except KPJ, but he could be really good if LeBron returns.

Depending on who they pick this year, I have gut feeling they’re taking Wiseman, then we could see a much better young core than what LeBron had in his second return.

But this is a big if and if the Cavs can trade away Love’s bad contract, if they can then the Cavs have up to two max slots for 2023 (I think) along with this core, this is why I think the Cavs’ future is underrated

Boston easily


West: Denver, Dallas, NOP

East: idk really. Seems pretty open

Tatum and Brown future MVPs


Lol Brown though?

Maybe not mvp but he will be a star. Should have been an all star this season

I like Brown. He’s fun to watch and gets after it on both ends. He has star potential in the “star role player” type of way. Superstar/MVP type level I’m hesitant

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Definitely didn’t expect a Dylan Windler name drop in this thread


Probably the nuggets, Celtics, and Mavs.
Cleveland is going to have 5 guards on the floor next year.
All slashers that have ok shots and don’t pass the ball.

Other than Celtics pretty much every single team in the West. Yikes.

I think you have to account for the organizations as well. I trust Toronto to be good after their vets move on much more than I trust Atlanta or New York per se, even though on paper they have better young talent. In the East I expect Toronto, Boston, and Bucks (only if Giannis stays) to be consistently at the top. I’m mostly confident but have questions for Miami, Philadelphia (lots of questions but sheer talent they should be a tier higher), Indiana, and Brooklyn to be in the mix as well. I see Atlanta, Orlando, Cleveland, Chicago, DC, and maybe Charlotte as lower seed fodder. New York and Detroit I’ll have to see it to believe, based on Knicks’ track record and a pretty barren Detroit roster.

In the West, I think it’s difficult to project the next decade as many teams are vet heavy and the young teams have plenty of questions. I think the top tier would be the LA teams, GS, and Denver. LA teams are old and basically all in for now but have good orgs for the most part. GS is self explanatory but questions are about their pick this year, what they do with Wiggins, and Klay and Dray coming back. Denver has the best young talent collection but I don’t trust MPJ to stay healthy and their owner sucks. Dallas and NO are close but a tier lower because I don’t trust KP to stay healthy and I think NO’s roster is too much of a mystery at this point. Rest of tier 2 I have Utah, OKC, and Portland. Tier 3 which is 1st round fodder or just miss the playoffs level, I’ve got Memphis, Sacramento, Phoenix, Minnesota, Houston, and Spurs. Memphis and Houston may be controversial, but I don’t trust Memphis yet; how do we know this wasn’t last years Kings? Their schedule is super back heavy so their record looks inflated. Ja and JJJ is a great duo but outside of role players like Clarke and Brooks I don’t trust much else in that organization. I think they need another top lottery pick which they will miss this season. Houston seems ripe to blow it up and their owner is a lunatic. I think Morey and MDA are on their way out then Harden and Russ would be next. They also have no young assets or picks.

Mavericks standout with the Doncic/KP duo along with an excellent head coach

If Bucks had Giannis signed long term, I’d name them. Clippers if they retain Kawhi/PG long term.

Really hard to say with all the player movement in today’s game. Mavs standout though because their young guys are already winning & they have such a great coach to lead them.

I believe that duo of Don/KP have championship pedigree, not sure about a lot of the other hyped youngsters