Which point guards can curry slide?

I know this is a toxic question but I need to know lol. N if anyone knows which players got a nice step back dribble that would be clutch.


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Go to 2kdb. If they have pro2 size up then they can Curry slide

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Size up escape isn’t it?

Nah basic sizeup

Baron Davis

It’s pro 2 size up escape package for specifically the curry slide.


Fairly certain it’s the escape. That’s what I have equipped on my myplayer.

Can Lebron do it

Oscar Roberton

And I think that new tto offline reward …


Yeah opal lebron can

Sizeup escape

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He can’t. He has that animation but because of his primary position I believe (pf), he can’t do it.

If he has sizeup escape pro 2 he can

He can only do it on next gen.

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I just told you he can’t :man_facepalming:t2: I’m not guessing like you, I know that.

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That movement isn’t pro 2 sizeup escape

Ok, I don’t know about next gen. On current he can’t.

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