Which Point Guard to get? And how much do they cost?

Hi, I’m coming back to Myteam and have bought some MT. I’ve done a lot of challenges just need a really good meta PG. I’ve got Hedo as a bench option, but I’m looking for a starter. E.g. AK47, Simmons, Bron, the only problem is I don’t really have an idea of the auction market atm and they’re all 100k+ on bid and I have no idea how much they’re worth and whether I’m getting ripped off or not. Can anyone please help? Or at least tell me how much they bought their player for, Thanks

A superstar NBA point guard will cost you 30 million dollars a season.
But in all seriousness, the best cards probably go for like 200-300k? Maybe someone can suggest the prices more accurately.

current or next gen? That info will determine the most meta PG’s

Giannis and GOAT Lebron

Pg-13 goat mj t-mac are also good choices but I believe more pgs are coming in drops this week. Invincible cards and probably a promo. Hold out til Fri market will take a dive and you’ll get more bang for your buck.

This right here…I’d also add that If an invincible/Goat PG Giannis drops today with a new jumpshot people are going to panick sell their PG’s.

Are you more of a rim runner or 3 hunter with your PG?

as i usually do, i’ll present my budget option. Wes Unseld. butter release (kobe base) and he moves extremely well on both gens. terrific showtime dunks and he’s locked up hedo and poku a couple of times!

Ben Simmons is still a great choice, you can get him with a diamond contract for 130-160k.
A budget but still a great choice in my opinion is Grant Hill, you can get him with luck with diamond contract for 30-40k

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Rudy Gay. Cheap as chips compared to a lot of top tier options out there. If you like his release, he literally does everything you need a point guard to do

If I was him I would get Hill or one of the other cheap OOP PG’s as a place holder until the next market crash.

Also I wouldn’t touch Ben Simmons at this point because the invincible is right around the corner. His price will drop If he just waits.


If we are talking cheap, any of the Magic DM are pretty under the radar this year. His J is just a tad slow but he’s still elite.

I picked Rudy up for 60k. Think I overpaid a lil but he’s definitely very good huge improvement

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Usa dm magic for 20k is the best value point guard imo

maybe slightly unrelated, but any idea how much the Jokic set would currently cost (on PS)?