Which player you get easily hot and take over the game in minutes?

Normally this happen to me with Worthy , but I be tried this GO Arenas …
What a problem when he get hot ,people just quit he release the ball so fast . On ball defender start to get nervous and jump all
Over trying to contest , off balling have several problems to contest with that automatic contest .
And , he can dunk on anyone , he is an amazing card . My new starting PG for fun :slightly_smiling_face:

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For a while it was PD T Mac, I would get so many rage quits when he got hot in mtu but now I just can’t time his shot the same for some reason.
Now it’s GO Melo that gets hot at least once a game and then he becomes a flame thrower

Brandon Roy. His diamond did it, his PD did it and now his Opal does it. Just destroys fools.


PD JR Smith


PD Kobe

GO Melo


GO Giannis

Damn I could never do much with GO Melo—actually like the PD more.

I’ve gotten hottest with PD Bird. He makes it rain from the fucking logo in takeover.

And GO Kawhi. He gets sharp/lock. Guaranteed 5 rips and then popping transition 3s. It’s actually unfair.

Eddie Jones prob

I’m really trying to love my PD Arenas, but as with any of the base 11 releases, it’s always a hit or miss. You have to be on the dime with that stupid release, you can just “feel” when you are going to miss it, usually because the stupid player doesn’t have his feet set or is gathering himself, really throws off the entire rhythm of trying to time base 11 perfectly.

Online latency makes it even worse imo.


Any Hedo. But, this diamond is a whole new monster. This dude heats up quick and doesn’t miss.

PD Shaq gets hot then just tosses people around in the paint like rag dolls usually ends up with 10-15 points in the first 3 minutes of the game before I bring in my second unit

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Walt Frazier

Easily any klay, pd tmac, pd kd, and go d rose

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GO Bird and Melo

Kiss the baby goodnight once they get takeover, post fades and deep bombs.

Same. Its unfair.

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PD Granger

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98 KD, Melo, Henny God

Any kd

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