Which Player Should I Use at Point Guard?

So I’m debating between Opal B Roy, Kobe, and MJ, I don’t know about MJ because it helps having limitless on my point guard because that’s mostly who I run my offense through, any advice on who I should get?

Any reason Rose isn’t in consideration? He’s as good as it gets at the 1


Lonzo Ball

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I’d go with MJ bro :smile:
Really Good at Defense / Animation / Driving / Jumpshot is Cash
Also I feel stable with him handling the ball.

Haven’t use Roy yet but Kobe and mj fits the mold not crazy height wise so no one hate message you about it both have hof dimer so just go with the one you feel most comfortable with

Change your title. None of these are point guards.


I would say MJ for the hof dimer

Both have hof dimer

Those aren’t PGs. Lonzo is Thanos to those weaklings

Honestly I wouldn’t run my best scorer at PG

But that’s just how I play, I don’t do much scoring with my pg and feel like they’d be wasted there

He said which player should I use at point guard, not which point guard should I use.

I use AK btw. GO Kobe looks nice too though.

I run both MJ and Kobe at PG. Both are great and it’s hard to make a case for one over there other

How about using a PG as a PG?


I don’t run my offense through my point guard and that’s why i use mj there. However, if your pg is your main scorer, go with kobe: hof limitless but also hof dimer, so if the defense collapses on him it’s an easy bucket after the pass

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What about Jokic? He has great handling and playmaking to run the 1

GO Ben Simmons

I only play with good defenders

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MJ but if you have balls, get Simmons

Limitied agent 00