Which one to sell? Evo KP or AK or both?

once I get McHale and Gasol in new sim spotlight, could easily play these free opals to replace KP and/or AK47

sell both and then replace ak with bird

thanks. will look at the AH market for KP might put a cheap shoe on him to boost his price a little :sweat_smile:

I’d say that PF is one of the weaker positions in the game. If you’re getting a free Mchale and a free Bird. Sell what you have and run with them.

been using eddy at the 4 lately as a backup to KP. I guess at this stage getting as much MT in return is the way to go as there are so many free options (hakeem, cowens) will put KP on the block tonight

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Sell them while you can. Even if you get mchale and you end up hating him then you can buy Curry or KP back. With these free cards that take 2.5 hours to get their price will do nothing but drop if you want to buy back

For how good AK has been all year hes getting a bit more and more out-dated. Might as well sell him now before he turns into a buy now soon

the only auctionable card I’m holding on to is evo Ben as I’m a big fan and good at using him - will run a mostly rewards team

thanks for the insights

AK. Evod KP is so sick, really like him.
Size matters :wink:

Ive got evo Tacko as well so size wouldnt be a problem :joy: pairing him with free Hakeem and they’re both eating boards

At this point there’s no reason to have any auctionable cards. You could field stacks of teams with all the reward cards.

Kp as PF, never used Tacko… But he seems to be a lil bit slow

evo Tacko shoots the lights out as easy to green. a bit slow yes but can cover more ground due to his length

agree. one time I fielded all rewards team (Aguirre at the 3) vs a god squad with Bron and Bol etc beat him by 2 and raged quit after the buzzer sounded :rofl: i guess he doesnt need the MTs he earned for the ‘loss’

Well if i like a specific player or the gameplay of the card i keep them if it’s a card that wont be outdated soon. Replacing Tmac with Gay wouldn’t make me happy … :wink:

I’m still running PD Tmac as I cant afford the other versions but still balling for me

Yes i believe that - for me Bol Bol at Pf has become one of my fav cards. Better to know how to play a weaker card than to switch cards every week and can’t play them.

I had the leap year, lucky Pg13 pull.
Sold Pg13 and the leap to get the glitched.
He’s really expensive. Usually i wouldn’t pay that much.

yeah I wouldnt afford Opal Tmac Im on NMS just after free codes and free cards. and some sniping to afford Simmons

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