Which One...Tim Duncan Or Grant Hill?

Thanks to the 2K gods, I got 20 tokens from today’s code and finally have enough to get my first PD reward card. I’m either picking Grant Hill or Tim Duncan. I’m hoping someone who has both can give some guidance, but I’m curious about any opinions… it might be a while before I get another 150 tokens lol. Here’s some quick thoughts on the two cards, followed by my current lineup.

HILL: I was a G. Hill fan as a teenager and typically love his 2K cards. I mean, who doesn’t need a 1-3 Swiss Army knife in their lineup? I would be okay with finally replacing KD for him… I have, or can buy, other cards better than KD, but I just click with KD cards. Hill looks like a top notch slasher and defender with a pretty nice 3 ball, and his cards usually have a shot release that resembles butter melting down a stack of pancakes.

DUNCAN: Timmy has incredible HOF badges, and would most likely replace Jermaine as my bench 5. I’m not usually a big fan of Timmy cards because he lacks athleticism and mobility, but post play is fun AF this year and I have actually had success with a few turtle speed cards. Of course, a shoe and D’Antoni will add up to +9 on his speed, which would be a nice little boost. I don’t mind getting rid of Jermaine whatsoever, as he’s pretty much been in a rotation of place holding bigs keeping Hakeems seat warm (he and Dr. J are the only two MTU cards I’m actually going to seriously make a run for).

This has been my current lineup for the last few days. If I get Hill, I’d probably remove KD and shuffle my 1-3’s around until I found the best chemistry. If I get Timmy, I’d probably either replace Jermaine with Timmy straight up… or just be a mean fucker and move AK to KD’s 3 spot, and put Timmy at the 4 next to Kareem.

WWYGD… What Would You Guys Do?

That KD card is so underpowered it’s crazy. He’s still KD but if you look at the attributes he’s doo-doo. Replace him ASAP. I think based on who you already have, Duncan wouldn’t make as much of an impact as Hill to be honest. He’s the better card overall I think but SF is your weakness, not PF/C

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Timmy and slide AK47 into SF position



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Oh, I know… I already have cards that are better than KD, but he’s one of those cards I just enjoy using a lot since he’s my homeboy.

Ak47 at the 3 no doubt and get timmy. Unless u need a tto player thenn g hill is awesome

@YuBuuBuu/@OGxSuave… that 3,4,5 combo sounds absolutely filthy, right? :joy:


Yup thats a great Starting 5. Basically Mine except I have oscar, ginobli, melo, timmy, kaj

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Nah, Granger, Melo, and AK get the job done there lol.

Haha yeah well go timmy then, i had difficulty with his 3 ball but thats it.

Automatic with the added shooting badges shoe and coach

Thanks guys… welcome to the team, Timmy. Any shoe must haves?

Diamond pg 2k17

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That’s what I was leaning towards, but I wish it boosted speed over acceleration, to be honest.

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Don’t have either, unfortunately, but I think this way-during the whole year, we will have 30 cards compareble to Hill’s card, comparable with Timmy…maybe 5.


I did this and… Wow

I added the crazy color Kyrie’s

( My Timmy pulled off an up and under reverse at the buzzer to make the second guy rage quit! Lol)