Which of these two shoes for Peja?

Boosts his already godly three. BC, post fade and acceleration would be very handy for him. Might keep it for some big though.

Just generally makes him a tad better slasher.

Tough choice… is he playing at the 2 for you?


Second shoe

Second question, what coach are you using? Chances are the coach is boosting BC and open 3 already, so I would probably say put the Curry’s on Peja and save the Kobes for an auctionable card since that is an expensive ass shoe.

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Casey atm, but I am grinding domination. In MTU I am usually changing to some less used ruby coach, so Grit and Grind as I dont want to have the playbook glitch.

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Which peja?


I think I am gonna go with the second one for this beast.


The pink Adidas could be nice. It would up his speed with ball, and post fade-away. Plus it’s a lot cheaper.

Actually I am PC and shoes are expensive AF, so I am usually using what I pack. Might buy that one though and sell some other.

Shiiiit. GG then.

Another good shoe for Peja though (the one I use on mine) is the white, blue, and red Jordan xxxi. It ups his speed with ball and his moving mid (since it’s his lowest shooting stat).

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So what did everybody else put on their Peja?

@OGxSuave I seen in one of the threads you got Peja in your rotation what shoe you using fam?