Which of these cards would you try to upgrade first?

Not asking who you would replace them with, but which one should be the first to go and why?

PD Ewing
Diamond AK47
PD Melo
PD Webber

In this order i’d Replace the following first to last

  1. Webber
    (Distant) 2. Ewing
  2. AK
  3. Melo

Everyone except Melo has no place at this stage. But in order of upgrade

Webber, AK,Ewing, Melo


Webber, Ewing, AK, Melo


Definitely Webber


Webber bc there are so many bigger better guys out there. Then AK bc he literally has a pd. Ewing is fine I guess bc i don’t have him.

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Only guy who sticks out as a must keep is PD Melo.

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All of these guys are locked of course :slight_smile: Which is a reason I hesitate to upgrade AK47 to the PD. The diamond is still great and is “free”

Imo, Ewing. I just can’t stand his release lol. I’m always too late or too early. I guess Web head next, but he’s still viable at the 3

It’s a huge pet peeve of mine to leave free players off my squad but at this point in the year it’s somewhat necessary haha
But ya if you’re pressed for MT everyone not named Webber can still hold their own to a degree

Haven’t played with Webber but I have with Ewing. I was a huge fan of this card…until better ones came around. He’s the easiest to replace. From what I understand Webber is antiquated. Melo diamond and up as well as Kirilenko always have a spot on a team you can fit them in to.