Which new players are worth the MT?

Looks like a decent batch of new players. Have you guys tried them out and reco any?

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Derrick Coleman isn’t worth his quick sell price


He’s still goig for super expensive with 5 hof badges

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Can’t wait to sell him back if he ever blocks a shot


Lafrentz and its not even close. He is a sniper for real


has anyone tried greg oden?

Yes I used him and finished his XP challenge. He is Bill Russell 2.0

None of them are that great…

Miles looks OK though, some PFs in there which aren’t terrible.


He’s great for TTO, terrible for MTU

Is dunleavy good?

Yup, he’s a bucket

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I will just put clamps. Thanks bro

What about James Worth and Pistol Pete?

Buddy Hield is GREEN AF. Best release in the game by far


Worthy is ace. Probably not worth the mt but I use magic and the duo jacks him right up

Dunleavy is a great shooter, Darius Mines is a Takeover firestarter, and Bargnani seems OK but I’m going to need to play with him more before deciding to sell him back.


Amy Steve Smith

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George Hill

Oden is a MONSTER. He put up 19 pts. 16 reb. 4 ast. 4 steals 3 blocks in my first Domination game with him (All-Time, Superstar).

Yes, he’s another non-shooting big, but for me he’s the best one (surpasses Lanier/Mutombo).

And I just saw the Oden/Roy Duo. I had sold Roy but I guess I want him back now. His 3 pt goes up 5 and I liked his shot before the Duo.

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