Which lineup would worry you more?

Starters with popovich or bench with kerr? With defense being superior, do you think defense would out do offense?

These are some of the best offense and defense players below diamond at the moment.

I think, generally speaking, Offense beats Defense and maybe especially at this juncture of the game, and this cycle of the game.


I’m with Harry. Offense beats defense. Much like in real life. This post-90s, no hand-check, fast paced NBA.

I think this definately closes the gap which is great but your right about offense. Some of these players tho have great 3pt ratings too tho.

#1#2 has too small of a backcourt. Id swap out Nance for Dirk tho

I’m going with defense those players can hit their shots if your running plays so offense is no problem and the high defensive iq will show but that’s just me lol.

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