Which Lineup Is Better?

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 2

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Thats my current lineup rn

Option 2, but that ben Simmons is suspect. Opponents are gonna sag off hard.

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I was thinking the same thing but i’ve been running him at point for about 10 games now and it hasn’t happened a lot. I also don’t really use blow by moves, I have him there because I like his playmaking and his ability to guard big points like giannis, Lebron, and all those guys

Option 1. More shooting and I really like the Kyrie/Horford duo. Horfords underrated, pick and pop all game as long as you’re used to his release.

Lineup 1 for sure

Simmons is bad on SM. he can’t shoot, only good in layups, but layups are fucked up on this game

Hes easier to guard because hes not gonna pull up from 3 so you can anticipate him driving most of the time and go under on screens.