Which Lineup do you use?

Are you playing with a lineup you that works for 2k or do Play with a Lineup of your favourite Cards or Team Themes?

Personally, I prefer playing with cards that I like rather than just wanting to win.

eg Shaq as point guard

I’m playing with cards based on value, animations, badging, playstyle fit etc.

What do you mean with value. You mean you don try to buy an expensive Card if its not worth it?

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Yeah like Opal Mutombo at 100k, Opal Oscar at 55k, Opal Pierce (Just bought a few minutes ago for 35k), Opal Moses 85k.

I sold Kareem when I got Mutombo also sold KD. No card is worth 400k right now imo.

I did however spend 1 Million on Simmons lol when he first came out so I just find guys to fit around him.

Long winded but even this late in the cycle I just like getting the most bang for my MT.

Most Cards lose so fast their value but if you really like the Player you have to buy it.
But if you wait a week you can save some mt. But why should you wait months to save Mt when the are useless in September.

If i look at my lineup i would have easily 1.5 Mil. Mt more if i would buy it now :-):smile:

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Yeah I get that. Its just I basically played with every card I wanted to. Only card that could get me to break the bank is an Opal Porzingis.

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For me the real reason to use a Card is that i have to like the Player or the Level of the Card has to be justified. I would never use a Pink AK47 or something.
And if i like a Player i have to buy the best Card he has.

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This is my squad. Its a squad i can compete, but also have fun with

I run 2 teams

1 high opals I like

2 rainbow cards I like usually modern starters , throwback bench

Yeah remember that stretch when PD Oden was the best center in the game lmao felt so dirty using him.

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Best way to do it

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I’m switching between those two


All, Lakers, Bulls, Eq, Bucks. I switch one each game.

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Bronze starting Line up

Bench: Opals
Ben, Petit, McHale, Giannis, (Wilt, Drob, Saboner)

I start with an in-position lineup of Ben, Tmac, Worthy, Webber, and Shaq. If my opponent has a cheesy lineup, I usually throw Shaq at PG to fuck with them, but lately I’ve been doing better when I keep my same gameplan and ignore the cheesebait.


I just play mtu for the hell of it

I ran my modified all time wolves squad (1 Sapphire , diamonds, PD etc)

I beat 3 full opal teams… Now I finished know how it feels on the other side

I put the god squad away for the year. It’s theme time radio now until I get bored.

It’s a struggle against teams running the current meta but so satisfying to make them quit.


I only use players that I like in real life and that I like to use in 2k.

Ooooh you need that token reward Batum!

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I love when I run into the camouflaged starting lineups trying to hide the real players. They get so mad when they see it didn’t work

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