Which is better?

MT considerations aside, auctions aside, which of these two sounds better overall? Other positions are basically filled.

SF Dr. J (3PT shoe), 98 KD at PF


PF Porzingis (rebounding shoe), 98 KD at SF

I feel like KD isn’t really strong enough for PF so I’d go with the 2nd option.


I would go with the first option, and run Boogie with a 3PT shoe at center. KD is more than capable to play the 4. He averaged over 4 rebounds per game for me when I ran him there. I run him at the 3 now, but that’s because I use an 8-man rotation now.

Option no. 2 sounds better to me. I used to run it successfully until I switched to AD at PF.

Dr. J is only useful at SG and there are tons of better options even in amy cards :slight_smile:

It all depends if you play fast paced or do you set up and run a lot of plays …those 2 options seem to fit one or the other play style

Last night I ran both, it sort of depended on my opponent whether it was successful or not. With KD at PF, stubborn opponents who wouldn’t switch matchups with guys like AD, Malone, Pettit, etc, I was running circles around them. And typically the interior defense wasn’t a problem with KD, although I faced a few guys who really knew how to score in the post. And Dr. J is pretty good for me, mine has a 3PT shoe, but I never really feature him on offense. His defense is not a liability for me, obviously the finishing is great. Don’t love his release. But I hate excluding him from my lineup if I can help it.

Now with KD at SF, he feels more natural there, and with Porzingis in there (the one I have has the diamond rebounding shoe), he is snatching a lot of boards and blocking shots. And of course he can hit from deep with ease. Still not sure which to stick with, I kinda want to get used to running Porzingis though in case I can snag the PD, which I think I will.

How do you sub with your 8 man rotation? I’ve used a 10 man rotation as long as I’ve played MyTeam, but an 8 man sounds very interesting