Which Historic or Current NBA Team Would be the Best if All It’s Players Were in Their Prime?

After watching the Clippers game today, I was surprised by looking at the roster and seeing all the battled-tested vets that they have on the roster. Rondo, Boogie, Pat Bev, Morris, Serge, and Batum are all 30+ and were all ballin out at one point at time. So this got me thinking: If all of these guys were in their primes, how good would the Clippers be, with PG and Kawhi?

So after thinking about that for a bit, I want to pose this question to all of you: Which historic roster would be the best if all of their players were healthy and in their primes?

My pick is the 2018 Cavs. Prime Bron, Prime D-Rose, and Prime D-Wade would be a monster trio all by themselves. If you add Minnesota K-Love, Boston IT, Atlanta Korver, Toronto Calderon, and NY JR Smith/Shumpert, this team becomes crazy good. I know there are some teams of similar caliber, but I want to hear what you guys think.

I’d like to submit the 1996-97 Bulls.

MJ, Pip, Rodman, Robert Parish, Ron Harper, Steve Kerr and Toni Kukoc. Ron Harper averaged 23 ppg for the Clippers. Kukoc would thrive in this era. Peak Rodman is 10/19 and one the best individual defenders of all-time. Prime Robert Parish gives them the Center they never had, a top 50 all-time player no less.

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19 Warriors - Curry, KD, Klay, Prime Draymond, Prime Iguodala, Prime Boogie
04 Lakers - Shaq, Kobe, Prime Karl, Prime Glove
17 Warriors - Curry, KD, Klay, Draymond, Prime Iguodala, Prime David West,
13 Heat - James Jones, Lebron, Prime Wade, Toronto Bosh, Prime Ray Allen, Prime Rashard Lewis
13 Lakers - Kobe, Prime Nash, Prime Dwight, Prime Gasol, Prime menace to society Artest, Prime Antawn Jamison

All great teams, but I’d give it easily to the 2013 Spurs
Prime Duncan
Prime Kawhi
Prime T-Mac
Prime Tony Parker
Prime Ginobili
Prime Stephen Jackson
Prime Aron Baynes


03-04 Lakers. 2003-04 Los Angeles Lakers Roster and Stats | Basketball-Reference.com


That’d be a tough one. Also, 2010-11 Celtics: Rondo, Pierce, KG, Ray, Shaq, Jermaine O’Neal, Nate Robinson.


04 Lakers. Kobe, Shaq, Malone, GP, Rick Fox, Horace Grant

Big 3 Heat. Bron, Wade, Bosh, Ray, Mike Beasley, Rashard Lewis, Shane Battier, Greg Oden

There are so many. Rockets with Scottie, Chuck, Hakeem, Cat, Eddie Johnson.

That Nuggets team with AI, Melo, Chauncey, JR, KMart, Camby, Nene

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Prime Shaq and KG in a froncourt would be scary.

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A low key pick would be 2011 Mavs.

Prime Dirk, J-Kidd, Shawn Marion, Caron Butler, Peja, Deshawn Stevenson, Jason Terry, and Tyson Chandler would be sick.

13 heat
You already got Prime Finals MVP LeBron
You would have Prime Finals MVP Wade
Prime Chris Bosh
Prime Ray Allen
Prime R.Lewis (Magic Final Run)
Prime Shane Battier and Mike Miller (Early Memphis years

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97 bulls or 04 lakers

Hm 87 lakers
86 celtics

2017 bulls would be quite a bit of fun:

2012 playoff rondo
2006 finals wade or 2009 heck even 2013 wade if u want jimmy as the main option
2020 bubble guppy jimmy

add today’s doug mcdermott and bobby portis and justin holiday, robin lopez even 2015 quincy pondexter and thats lethal

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I’d take 2016 Bulls over them.

MVP D-Rose
Lakers Pau
2020 Jimmy
Top 5 MVP Joakim

Along with Taj Gibson, Kirk Hinrich, Dougie Buckets, and Mirotic.

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was considering that, even looking at the 2018 t-wolves, but idk if prime rose would be able to play alongside jimmy as well as rondo, and pau vs jimmy as a second option would be rough

Jimmy would definitely have to change his play style a bit, but him and Joakim would be deadly on the defensive end. He’s have to be more of a Bruce Bowen type guy, which I think he could be at that point in time.

true, defensively they’d be so tough, but the spacing would also be rough with joakim instead of portis, and gasol on the court too, basically 2 guys as non factors from 3, it could defo work tho

If the 1983 Houston Phi-Slama-Jama Cougars were in their NBA primes, that team could low-key upset some teams on this list.

Don’t about best one but the most fun something like:

01-02 Magic

Dee Brown
Grant Hill
Horace Grant
Pat Ewing

02-03 Magic

D. Armstrong
Grant Hill
Shawn Kemp
Horace Grant

All in their primes… Jam’s squad!