Which Heat Collections are most expensive?

Will be selling back HC collections soon. I’m curious to know which collections are most expensive. I plan on locking in a few to give me some token boost. I know Miami and Denver for sure are not getting locked. I know I shouldn’t be locking in any! MLB The Show is out next week so I want the Opal now!

When I did it the Heat,Wizards and Bulls was pretty expensive. But it all depends on how much cards are available at a time. HC takes patience can be done over a span of a week with bidding and snipes.

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It’s really market relative. Plus HC market can be volatile even when compared to the rest of the AH. Obviously right now is the time to lock since you can grab some HC at bargain prices

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Bulls, Heat and Celtics ?

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Add Knicks to the list. Courtney Lee goes for damn near the price of my house :wink:

Basically, when HC’s market is dry, every collection has a guy that you think for a second…“22k for bronze Tyler Dorsey !?..that’s a good deal !”

I am proud to say I never succumbed and bought them for those outrageous prices . Going against the grain of this mode

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Good attitude!
I have all the HC’s (unlocked) and didn’t spend more than 6k for a single player.
And i started to locked them quite late in the cycle(Dec/January)

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Yup not going to lock them in at this stage , the most I spent was 7500 on Baynes and that hurt me in my core. Gonna sell off after the grind is over

Got him a few days ago. But on XB1 there were about 5 up already for bit over 10k. Mine sold for 10k as well,IDK if that’s bad,but I’ll take it

Nuggets have a handful of very expensive cards

I got those expensive nuggets for 5-6k . I was pleasantly surprised

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Same here, but it took several weeks to get them at that price. Completing HC is a slog

What are the expensive collections? Idgaf about how y’all fooks got them for cheap. Jk y’all. Ty. I got them for the low OFC. Don’t wanna lock in any but I will bc MLB the show is out soon so I’m anxious. Will probably end up locking in 10-15 at least. FOOK IT

Can somebody post an affordable Felicio on PS4?

Oh god yes , it’s terrible .

I did the same maybe a little cheaper, anytime there is a moment crash I pick up great check cards

I have a feeling there is another token GO player on the way

( Been seeing more boards with tokens, moments prizes with tokens etc)

Yup , it’s almost April and they are running out of time.

Sold yesterday C.J Williams for 85k and Devin Robinson for 79k, John Holland is also very expensive, so if you got those cards sell them.