Which group do you prefer?

Which group do you prefer?

Source: https://twitter.com/MjsGoat/status/1230201847417315329?s=19

Skilled. Athletic would get zoned

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Giannis being the second shortest player on the team? Sounds like a @Shoko wet-dream. :joy:


He’s the third tallest…

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I’ll take both.


Guess I’m basing it off old heights (Giannis/ Dwight both 6’11) but yeah

Dwight’s like 6’9

Skilled for sure. I think Duncan belongs on the skill list too.

Both prime time Love

Yeah that’s what I meant by “old heights.”

Kobe was a freak of the nature too

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Give the the freaks are you kidding me rn

Wilt and Shaq on the same squad would break the NBA for good

What a terrible categorization.
Kobe not a freak of nature?
Or Hakeem?
Wilt just a freak?

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Kobe cant passing either Curry

I’m just struggling with Dwight and Russ even being on this list. There have been many freak athletes in NBA history (Dominique and Shawn Kemp come to mind), but I wouldn’t put them on a list with some of the greatest of all time.

easy both here, but supremely skilled is second, freaks are far behind for me


I’d consider Kobe both categories

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  1. Both
  2. Skilled
  3. Freaks