Which GO next? (Updated)

Im going to have about 280k and grind to 300 by friday
Magic and sell kobe?
Upgrade Melo?
Wait until the price drops on current opals when new ones drop?


Meh idk about that , i doubt im ever selling giannis , maybe cousins can go but Drob is expensive

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I got Fully Dressed DRob at 290K PS4
(Contract White Kobes)

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Or you could just get GO MJ over Oscar

Hes like 300+ on xbox iirc , also no to the MJ for oscar thing , i dont like MJs player model enough , i can dominate MJ with oscar if i wanted to

Wait for market crash you can get a good deal on Drob.
I’m running Go Giannis at PF and GO DRob at C

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Fair enough

kareem over moses, if you like moses then kareem as your bench center i guess, id put him in the starting lineup though, hes a problem

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Kareem sounds great but itll come down to price

Who Now? i got 250 k

GO Melo and push KD to the bench?
Save for more AD or D rob & sell GIannis?

GO melo

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Tried Kobe? hes going for 250 or less

Melo is more versatile + the GO has defensive badges as well

If you want Kobe, get the anniversary one. I swear he’s better.

I didnt want to sell mine , 10/10 PD for me

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He’s so underrated especially with sharp/slash takeover.

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The only upgrade I’d do is GO Durant but he’s probably 500k plus and I’d have to sell 2 opals for him


Opal MVP Giannis?

I’m never gonna be able to afford him , I’ll prolly drop $20 on those packs and that’s it

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