Which first PD Reward?

Finally reached the PD Board.

My current downgraded lineup:

Which reward makes most fun?

Currently I am 70% Hill and 15%Duncan 15% Dikembe.

I know there are currently many op Guards out there, but I consider that Duncan and Dikembe do their work, but there are also boring to play af.

Just look up the 75 other threads that everyone makes when they get there


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Ok forum can be closed.

Emeka Okafor is exciting? Not trashing your post but clearly an upgrade there won’t make your team more boring

Lol nah im just messin wth you … You good im just talkin shit haha

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Yeah he’s also boring, but still does his job.
Gets rebounds, makes points in the paint.

Is Duncan as good in the post as the stats look like?

Mutombo is lockdown, I like to close the paint.
But can he also score there?

Hill (still in my team) and Mutombo play well for me (i didnt use Barry)

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Mutombo can do all post moves well expect the fade/hop.

So if you can eat off drop steps, spins, and hooks, Mutombo can score. His middy is also solid, and with pink kyries he’s a knock down FT shooter.

He’s def an upgrade over Okafor. With your lineup Mutombo would be my choice, as he’s the biggest upgrade you can make.

Hill is nice, but your 6 wings are on the same level.


Mutumbo. He replaces your Okafor/Gasol


Then I go for Mutombo.

Was my first original Jersy 1995/96 Atlanta Hawks :pray:

Wasn’t easy to get them here in Germany in this time.

I’m still a few hundred tokens away but I’m targeting Mt Mutombo.

All of the other cards have better auctionable equivalents.


Mutumbo isnt boring, he snags over everyone, blocks anyone at the basket, and runs rims like a madman.

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Thank you!

Thought he were only an one trick pony ig.

Timmy is a little boring, but they didn’t call him the big funadmental for nothing lol.

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Yeah I love timmy, but with so many better post players now, his HOF badges aren’t as much of a differentiator, and his animations aren’t great, so he’s been easier to move on from (though I still leave him at the end of my bench if I want to post a small PF to death).

Mutombo is legit on par with GO Wilt defensively (GO Wilt is the best defensive card in the game). He’s just not on the same level offensively.


Mutombo and Duncan have the same post package. That fade on the right block is still cash. It’s about timing, not so much the attribute.

I do prefer Mutombo to Duncan though. That hook is very reliable and he can definitely catch oops.

Duncan still has the best big man badging in the game. But he feels too small and requires an expensive shoe to not be as much of a space taker on offense

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I mean you can post fade with Mutombo. I guess it’s just hard to make a choice like that when using a god squad, and having so many better bail out shot options.

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Grant Hill is the best and most consistent reward imho, duncan is 2nd. your team is already stacked at the sg/sf position so I’d go with duncan. he can play pf and c.


The post is always my bail out option haha

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