Which evo path for damon stoudmire is everyone taking?

I’m leaning towards defense

i want to go defense but 100 steals will take ages

Are the stats published somewhere

Where does it say 100 steals?

the second evo you can either go 200 3’s for the shooting one or 100 steals for the defense one

How do you get him? I haven’t played any Limited this year

win a game and you will probably get him

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Ah damn I’m almost done with the shooting, he looks like he benefits more from the defense

yeh but it’ll take so long. 3’s aren’t that hard so i’ll just do that

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unless you do it with a friend. 100 stls in one game

I think defense is the move. He is basically a way better fat Lever after he’s evoed

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has anyone finished the evo. I’m gonna play him while i finish off Nate Archibald’s evo but if i can’t get the 100 steals then i’ll just settle for the shooting evo

Defense path is absolutely the move if you care to EVO him. But I’d argue that it’s probably not worth your time unless you have a ton of offline games to play anyway then you might as well just keep him in the lineup for those.

If you go offense path then he just becomes a worse version of World B Free since he’s shorter and can’t dunk.

But if you upgrade his defense then he becomes a solid playmaking 3 and D (perimeter D at least) option.

Steals really aren’t that hard to get in Domination I can usually get anywhere from 5 to 10 a game if I only control one player. I still have over 30 domination games to play so I’ll be EVOing him there at a slow but steady pace.

i’m leaning defense, already a decent shooter. even tho, silver range would be nice

He is atrocious on defense if you dont go for defense. I think its an easy choice.

I feel like he’ll still be bad on defense either way due to him being 5’10 so might as well get the shooting upgrade

I just got him up to diamond today and the biggest issue with this card is that all of his animations are trash. He has ankle breaker, tight handles, and space creator but can’t really take advantage of those badges because his dribble moves and shot creator sigs are so bad. He can peekabo quick stop for a standing three and that’s about it on offense.

He’s still a good three and D cone though as long as he’s only defending perimeter shooters and not a driving or cutting player.