Which EVO Cards Have Requirements for Assists?

Marbury from Ruby to Amethyst needs 200 Assists.

Darrell Armstrong from Sapphire to Ruby needs 100 Assists.

I think an early evolution of Wade requires some small (~20?) number of Assists.

What other EVO cards have Assists requirements? Wondering if I can kill two birds with one stone when grinding Points for other EVO cards.

Been doing it with Marbury, but have him at 162/200 already.

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Stackhouse needs 500.

Also Darrell Armstrong needs 100 on his second evo.


Wade needs 100 at some point. A couple of the normal dom guards need assists. Maybe Fultz & Simons?

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wondering if anyone grinds assists and 3pters at the same time. I find that 3pters are the best when u call for a screen so you don’t get the assist


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The assister stands at halfcourt and calls a pick for the 3Pter and then u just pass it to him when he reaches the 3pt line and shoot

are you able to hit shots down consistently? does it usually register as moving and/or contested?

Not sure but I noticed that when evolving Cliff Robinson, it was hard to get open on my own unless I did that technique. On rookie of course, but yeah it was prob enough time for the assist to count.

Anfernee Simons too!

Cliff Robinson was the worst to hit threes with. I was doing assists at the same time so I was in 5 out. I’d penetrate with the assister and kick to whoever in my lineup that needed threes that was the most open. Cliff would stand at the top of the key with his feet just inside the line. I could never get him to keep his feet behind the line. I tried pick and pops with him too. He’d get behind the line but then he’d start that awful shooting motion and step over the line again. I truly hated that card.

Crawford needs 500

bob sura needs assists too

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