Which Diamond SF should I buy? 100k to spend

I have 100k MT to spend. I was thinking of getting a Diamond SF; my thoughts were:

Andrei Kirilenko, Ron Artest, Elgin Baylor or 97 All Star game LeBron.

Here is my lineup:

My other option is to just run Havlicek at SF and spend the MT on upgrading my bench.

What do you guys think? Thanks

Hondo is one of the better more consistent shooters I’ve used

get Lebron.

Save up for kawhi. He is worth it

I bought a 98 Diamon Elgin Baylor with a Diamond shoe which increased all of his 3 point shooting to 99 as well as speed with ball and driving lay up. It was 95,000 MT. It seemed like a good deal, he had the highest stat attribute total of the guys I was interested in and his cost with a shoe was the same as LeBron without a shoe and just 10k more than Andrei. Artest was significantly cheaper but I didnt like the Amethyst so I didnt think id like the Diamond.

Did I do okay? Worst case, I resell him for like 95,000.

Ak 47 lockdown 3&D 6’9 Kawhi

Out of your list, I’d go with LBJ or AK-47.

But in your starting lineup, nobody has 3pt plays, so you should consider getting a SF with 3pt play types, such as Larry, KD, Mullin. Or maybe moving Hondo to starting SG.