Which diamond cards aren’t BIN

I’m talking ones that aren’t even close to BIN and around 130 plus that list is getting pretty small.

98 LBJ, KD’s cards, 98 Kobe, Tracy, and Kareem is that it? This market is gone

Some depend on shoes. I sold my Diamond MJ with open 3pt shoe for 170k

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I forgot about MJ and obviously some of the rare set ones 97 Cousins is still up there and KAT

I think Pierce is still over 100k

Yeah pretty much exclusively signature series or premium collections where there will never be any more cards printed

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Rondo as well. Rare set card

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There’s one for 100k on ps4 ending soon with Curry’s and nobody touching him lol

People got a whiff of that PD penny and started hoarding

A rondo or a Pierce?


Pierce was bin last few days. I swaped my without contract, with guy with contract for same price. Rondo can be 110 or 200 depending on time of days. Never saw him bin.

Kat, 97 boogie

That Rajon has a 100k bid placed though. next bid is 110k

Very good investment IMO. A lot of people will want that card with these all time tournaments in the community

Ahh he didn’t awhile ago