Which DECADE has the best 2K19 MyTeam Squad?

Go for it. Since Pippen just improved the 90’s squad. Which decade would field the best team to compete with their cards?

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Give me the 2000’s with TMac, Kobe, LeBron, Shaq, Melo, Yao, J.R. Duncan, KG, Dirk, Webber, Iverson, Gil, Antawn, Hedo. No group beating that group


Yeah, it’s not even close.

Yeah that’s pretty OP.

80’s pretty solid too

Jordan Magic Drexler Dr J Worthy Bird McHale Kareem Moses Hakeem

Still mad at 2k omitting the most prolific scorer of that decade

Alex English?

Yes :angry:

Making that 2000’s group, anyone else surprised that Wade never got an Opal this year? Like wtf

It’s the 2000s hands down


The list goes on


In game Hedo is strong, but real life, Hedo wasn’t even top 20 for best of the 2000s

That sad TBH =/

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The thread said “best team to compete with their cards”

We’re all aware Hedo’s peak was basically a borderline Allstar at best

Yeah, that’s why i said he’s strong in game lol

But highly overrated int he game compared to his real life counterpart.

He was a good player, but not THAT good lol

Not which ‘decade’ , which ‘dimension’ ? I prefer the one Shaq is a giant pg.

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I could win some games with that squad!

I think guys are forgetting that a lot of their 2000s guys started in the 90s.

Rules weren’t clear. Are we going by year drafted? Or as long as you had some kind of prominence/legacy in said decade

I think the way to do it would be, which decade did they play more seasons, and if there’s any ties go with whichever decade they had their best season

Then Bron would fall strictly under the 2010’s which just doesn’t sound right

and it’s not even close.