Which coach do you use and why?

I tried them all and i settled for Stevens, i love these def bonuses+ that extra strenght dosent hurt either, what about yall ?

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D Casey. Shooting kills. Extra rebounding doesn’t hurt either.

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Popovich. Same reasons you use Stevens. But fuck Boston, so I use Pop.

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Yah Pop goes for more on open market then Stevens even tho they give same boost, his rep is that good :blush:

Mike Malone, perimeter centric. Only +2 but nearly all categories are valuable and he is cheap lol

Dantoni, i have the strength in my players plus height and size, so the speed boost ball and open 3 is a must.

Dantoni because I pulled him and I’m not spending mt on a coach


Lucky man :frowning:

Kerr. Same reason as @YOSEMITE_HAM. I don’t want to ever have to buy him back haha.

Nice little 40k stash to have if needed though

Kerr cause he boosts offense and defense with +5

kerr cuz i got him for dirt cheap without even knowing his value ^^

How much you got him?

Stevens or Donovan. By the way any of you know why Stevens and Pop while having identical boosts give different numbers for team overalls?

I love Casey he boots up the 3pt game so nicely and he gives alot of players the sharp shooter boost which boosts stats even more. I’m working on getting a Kerr I might try him out

i think i got him for under 10k in the first weeks after release


But I want to buy some diamond coach, they are super expensive on PC, but at least I wont ran into playbook glitch that often.

I got him for 2k mt day one

For this purpose I am using Donovan. I think you’ll be good with any Ruby coach as you don’t want to meet a supersquad and have a playbook glitch.

Quinn Snyder because I’m a broke boi and I can get away with above average defenders like Klay to a great defender with those defensive bonuses. But I’m planning to upgrade to Stevens soon.

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I use Dantoni i like the 3 and speed boost. Anyone think Casey is better than Dantoni?